Super Mario 3D All-Stars – Nintendo Switch


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Mario lovers can play three of Mario’s greatest 3D platforms all in one package. This game can be played at home or on the go.

Experience Mario’s first foray into 3D platforming in the Super Mario 64 game that was originally released in 1996. Can wall jump, backflip, and fly as you explore paintings and collect power stars to save Princess Peach.

You can soak up the sun in the Super Mario Sunshine game that was originally released in 2002 and spray the goop away with your water spouting pal, FLUDD! Players will need to collect shine sprites and clear the picturesque Isle Delfino of population, but you will still need to look out for Bowser Jr.

Players can explore space in the Super Mario Galaxy game that was originally released in 2007. Help Rosalina restore her ship by collecting Power Stars and save Princess Peach. Gently shake a Joy-Con controller to activate Mario’s Spin ability or pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend for some extra help in Co-Star Mode.


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